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    Post  hoosier on Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:33 pm

    Name-Wayne Holmes


    Status-Hostile Army Captain


    Phone #: 812-322-0048


    Sex-Yes PLEASE

    Location-Bloomington Indiana

    Years in the clan-Since the beginning just a bit over two

    Favorite COD- COD4 Modern Warfare great gun play and few issues

    Favorite Video Game-I'm a fan of almost any game style, my favorite new age game would have to be Infamous

    Years playing video games-24 years and counting.

    Favorite game of all time-Medal of Honor Rising Sun

    What do i do for fun- play video games, show my car and Upgrade the my car for more power and handling.

    Real life job-I am currently unemployed and hopefully returning to school in the near future, or returning to the work force now that I can walk..

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    Post  hoosier on Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:23 pm

    Here are a few Pictures of me.

    Hoosier Profile 2011-11-14150551
    Just a Pic of Me!

    Hoosier Profile 2011-11-01142506
    My new prosthetic!

    Hoosier Profile 2011-11-20121010-1
    The two trophies I won this ear with my car.
    Left: Top 25 out of 207 cars / Right: Top of Class out of 91 cars and 8 VWs

    Hoosier Profile 2011-11-14150638
    Me and My baby! Full APR Stage 2 system. Right under 300whp and 313 lbs Torque.

    Hoosier Profile 2011-07-07143316
    Another good shot of my car.


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